Classroom Wishlists

Are you a teacher in need of new books for your classroom?

Try out using Books on B's Wishlist feature to create a list of books you need, and share it with your classroom, friends, and/or family so they can donate books directly to you!!

We will be offering a 15% discount off any books ordered from a Classroom Wishlist to encourage your supporters! (This discount will be applied retroactively, so please send out the message below with any emails of your Wishlist and/or include it in the description of your Wishlist page to better inform your recipients of what will happen if they'd like to donate books.)

Message to include: From Books on B - Please understand that the 15% discount on all Classroom Wishlist books will be applied retroactively by a bookseller handling your order. We will send you the updated amount as soon as we begin processing your order!

Click here to learn how to make and send your personalized Classroom Wishlist!

*Please title your Wishlist "(Teacher name)'s Classroom Wishlist" so we can distinguish it from a personal Wishlist.

Once you have made your Classroom Wishlist, you also have the option to email us its link, and we will add it to a list of Classroom Wishlists open to donation from any Books on B customers who want to support local educators as much as we do!