The Loss That Binds Us: 108 Tips on Coping With Grief and Loss (Paperback)

The Loss That Binds Us: 108 Tips on Coping With Grief and Loss By Sweta Vikram Cover Image
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Follow a Trail Blazed Through Grief's LandscapeThe Loss That Binds Us is a beautifully written grief manual from the heart. When the agony of losing a loved one strikes, you will find solace, comfort and even inspiration within it. The 108 practical tips therein help navigate the multitude of emotions brought on by loss. Let Sweta's guidance help begin your own healing or support someone who is grieving. The Loss That Binds Us looks at grief in its various facets and helps you identify what you are experiencing. Following her own journey through the grief of losing her parents, Sweta helps you acknowledge, understand and accept what you may be experiencing. An intentional, insightful, deep, raw, sometimes funny and always real, The Loss That Binds Us is the resource you will turn to if you are experiencing loss; the one book you'll want to keep by your side as a trusted ally.

"If you are experiencing the loss of a loved one, or the loss of love in your own heart, pick up this read and dive in. You will emerge with a sense of priceless wholeness that we all gravely need in this modern life, bereft of the fabric of community that has long been our human right." Victor Briere, Ayurvedic Doctor

"Vikram sheds light on the various stages of grief, emphasizing emotional and mental wellbeing. The Loss That Binds Us provides readers with practical suggestions to cope with, embrace and live through grief." Inder Kalra, M.D.

"The Loss That Binds Us provides concrete and realistic tools and tips for grievers at any stage in their journey. Sweta's ability to interweave education about grief with her own lived experience demonstrates the power our cultures and communities have in learning to live with grief." Shelby Remillard, LMHC, Senior Therapist and Assistant Clinical Director, Steady NYC

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ISBN: 9781615997992
ISBN-10: 1615997997
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
Publication Date: April 1st, 2024
Pages: 94
Language: English